Baptism is recognised by the church as our adoption into God’s worldwide family and the beginning of a new life.  It is a symbolic way to acknowledge that we are God’s dearly loved children and, with support from the local church, it can start us on the road towards understanding and responding in faith.  Often, though not always, children are baptised (it is sometimes called “christening”, although the Church doesn’t call it that), but people of any age are welcomed into this family by baptism; it really is never too late.  The Vicar is the first point of contact if you would like to take the plunge!

At a child’s baptism, adults make promises on their behalf.   Local clergy discuss these promises with the parents, and godparents before the service.  It is worth noting that at least one of the parents who ask for their children to be baptised should also be baptised themselves: the baptism of a whole family is a very special time indeed.  It is usual for a child to have three Godparents. These must be baptised, and should be confirmed if possible.

Baptisms will usually take place during the main 10.00am service.  We are delighted to offer baptism of infants and older people.

For more details please call 01473 270976