As life comes towards its end, the Christian community dedicates itself to prayer and support for all those in need and, in due course, offers a variety of sensitive farewell services to mark the passing of our loved ones. Whether the family wants a funeral to take place in the church, crematorium or cemetery chapel, our clergy will always be willing to lead the service, spending time with them before and after the service to help them come to terms with their grief. A small team of caring visitors from the church community can stay in contact with bereaved families for as long as they can be helpful. They offer a listening ear and care where appropriate.

There are no staff clergy on duty either at the Crematorium or Cemetery Chapel. If you wish to have the clergy from this parish officiating please make sure that you tell the Funeral Directors who are dealing with you that you would like them. Our clergy consider this a priority on their time and will make every effort to be available.

The Churchyard is full for new burials, but the interment of ashes is possible. Burial plots and burial plots for the ashes of loved-ones are available in Rushmere Lawn Cemetery (to the rear of the churchyard). 

It is worth noting that while the Churchyard is bound by the rules of this church and Diocese, Rushmere Lawn Cemetery is run by the civil Parish Council, and while these aren’t very different, certain things are allowed in one that are not in the other.

Please note:

  • Funerals at Rushmere are organised through your undertaker, please ask them to contact the Clergy Team.
  • The Churchyard is closed, this means that we can only inter ashes in our ashes plots. However, to the rear of the church is Rushmere Lawn Cemetery that is available for burials.
  • The Clergy Team are happy to take funerals at the church or Ipswich Crematorium.

For more information please call 01473 270976

or visit the Parish Council website to find out more about the Lawn Cemetery.